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The coffee table so practical, so often an afterthought. It holds our drinks, remote controls, beloved tech devices, books, and, for better or worse, our take-out dinners at the end of a long day. With this sort of a big, diverse job, you would surmise that it would be main furniture pieces you thought about when moving into a new place and/or re- decorating…except it’s usually not.

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How many hours do we placed into making a choice on the perfect sofa, the ideal rug, the perfect chairs for our living room…only to throw in a hand-me-down coffee table that used to belong to Aunt Susan? (bless her heart). Okay, we would not all go down the who-cares-about-a-coffee-table route. Plenty of you have certainly belabored the choice of a table, we’re sure, but no matter what side of those scenarios you will find yourself, you might require some assistance or inspiration in the coffee table shopping department. What size and shape go with what sofa size and shape? It might look like a shot in the dark, but fear not, we are here to help. We’ve created a shopping guide jam-packed with options-round, square, rectangular, oval! -and a few rules to keep in mind (with a diagram! ) when choosing a coffee table.

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Advantages of Round Coffee Tables

Round coffee tables are stylish and chic. They are an ideal options if you have kids or pets as they don’t have sharp edges.

Our Lincoln Round Coffee Table has a slender bronze wrought iron frame and clear tempered glass top adding visual space to your room
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Circular tables are also a great choice if you have a smaller space, as they are generally a bit smaller (as they have the edges “chopped off”) and they allow you more flexibility with seating.

From a social standpoint, round coffee tables are wonderful for gathering around, and from a style perspective, the round curves add an intriguing element of interior decoration.

Round coffee tables also work very well with L-shaped sectionals or sofa/love-seat combos.

Be sure to take a look at my full guide — The Ultimate Coffee Table Buying Guide for advice in selecting the right size, dimensions and elegance for your coffee table.

The ideal round coffee table with the right size, material and generate, that suits your current decor, will make any room feel more complete.

How Do You Know Which Round Coffee Table To Select?
Look around at your current furniture and get a feel for what kind of design and style you’ll need inside your new coffee table.

If you locate one that matches your current decoration, it can center and balance your current elements and add essential aesthetic character to any clear corners.

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Be Specific.

Tables made of several materials are becoming more popular these days. Because of the functionality of the round coffee table you can easily put it almost everywhere.

Certain tables, depending on the materials it’s made of, can be used in almost any room of the house (even outside! )

You can use one in the center of the room, because an end table, or even a corner accent.

You definitely want to base the size, color, and type of material of the coffee table you are going to purchase for the style of the other furnishings in the room. An example would be in case your home has a traditional design, round oak coffee tables will fit into this style perfectly.

Nothing is worse than getting a brand new, beautiful table shipped to your door, only to find out that this doesn’t match the design in the room you were planning on putting it in.

Then What Do You Do With It?
If you are searching for simplicity in your table so that it doesn’t take the focus off of the other furniture in the room, you want to order one with minimal detail and style. If you do want it to be the center, then find one that fits the other furniture but features intricate design detail and structure.